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About Functional Fibro Doctors Network

Functional Fibro Doctors Network is a site, a movement, a growing group of dedicated, specially trained, mostly non-allopathic, natural oriented, doctors, committed to helping fibromyalgia patients feel good again. These doctors have undergone special functional medicine training, based on the protocols of Dr. Rodger Murphree author of the internationally acclaimed book, Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, now in its 5th edition.

“We understand.”

You are not alone, fibromyalgia is real, Functional Fibro Doctors NetworkFor most of the world, it’s a common little phrase. But for people who have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome (or both), it’s amazingly powerful, not to mention rare. Because you have an illness that’s hard to “prove,” loved ones may secretly convict you of hypochondria or laziness. You may be told “it’s all in your head.” You may be urged to exercise or lose weight or take antidepressants.

Physicians can be even worse. If they believe the conditions exist at all—and some don’t—their first impulse is to mask the symptoms with prescription drugs. Patients often end up on a medical merry-go-round, seeing doctor after doctor after doctor. They end up more confused and disoriented than ever, often concluding, “Maybe I am crazy, after all.”

But take heart. Here at Functional Fibro Doctors, we know what you’re going through. We specialize in treating fibromyalgia and CFS. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions, because every case is different.  Doctors certified in using Dr. Murphree’s functional fibromyalgia protocols, part of the Functional Fibro Doctors network, take an integrated approach to treatment that combines the best of traditional and alternative medicine. Our goal is to get to the root of the problem, to help the body’s innate healing ability return to normal.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have doctors, family members, and even friends suggested you may be lazy, crazy, or just depressed—that your symptoms are all in your head? Do you feel like no one understands?

Most doctors don’t get it.  We do.

Dr. Murphree has specialized in helping patients reverse their fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms and feel good again for almost two decades. We know you’ve seen numerous doctors, taken dozens of pills, tried countless vitamin supplements and alternative therapies, and yet nothing has helped. We know you are discouraged and a bit skeptical.

We understand.

depressed, achy all over, fibro is realIn fact, even though we most likely have never met, we bet we know something about you. Let’s see:

  • You hurt all over. Some places more than others, but mostly all over.
  • You can’t sleep at night. In fact, you’ve not slept well in years.
  • Your “get up and go” has long gotten up and went.
  • You’ve been told your illness is all in your head.
  • No one seems to have a clue as to why you have so many symptoms that don’t seem to have anything to do with each other.
  • Family and friends have no idea how you really feel. They all say, “You look fine.”
  • You suspect that they secretly convict you of hypochondria or just old-fashioned laziness. You have been urged to just exercise, or lose weight, or take antidepressants.
  • Some people have the laughable idea that you are using an imaginary illness to get attention.

Are we on target?  Thought so.

You have an illness that’s hard to diagnose, harder to “prove,” and even harder to endure. Maybe physicians have shown ignorance of your condition, or even scorn. If they believe your pain exists at all—and some don’t—their first impulse is often to mask your symptoms with prescription drugs. You can end up on a medical merry-go-round, seeing doctor after doctor, ending up more confused and disoriented than ever.

Getting your doctor to listen is hard. Finding one who understands you is even harder. Finding one who knows how to treat you is next to impossible.

Doctors in the Functional Fibro Network do listen, they do understand and they do know how to help you in your quest to feel good again.

We understand.

happy womam handshaking with a functional fibro doctor after checkupNo one should suffer alone. But those with fibromyalgia (FMS) or chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)/myalgic encephalopathy (ME)—or both—often do suffer alone, charting their chaotic and painful courses the best they know how. Perhaps you’ve visited numerous doctors and taken an assortment of prescription drugs, fad supplements, vitamin regimens, and the latest multilevel herbal remedies promising to cure everything from warts to AIDS. None of them made a difference.

No relief. No change. Just more money down the drain. Meanwhile, you continue to feel worse each month as your life falls apart. There’s no magic pill. No magic drug or combination of drugs.  The only way to beat fibromyalgia, to feel good again, and you can, involves getting healthy. Drugs don’t make you healthy. They can be helpful and sometimes, but rarely, the only choice, but they most always treat the symptoms not the causes of fibromyalgia.

Functional Fibro Doctors are trained in using specialized testing, blood work, functional lab work, to uncover the root causes of your particular fibromyalgia symptoms. Once uncovered our doctor’s use the appropriate tried and true, all natural protocols, based on thousands of past cases and years of trial and error, to correct the causes, not simply treat the symptoms, associated with your particular health condition.

“How do I know which advice to listen to?”    I suggest that before you take anyone’s advice about treating your fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, you see if they pass this three-item test:

1. Is the advice from someone who actually treats fibromyalgia and CFS/ME patients on a regular basis?

And don’t pin your hopes on the latest greatest “new fibro” drug: Lyrica, Savella, or Cymbalta. Too many doctors are following the herd and think that drugging their patients with life-numbing substances is the only answer. It is most certainly not. Drug therapy alone is a dead end. Covering up symptoms is fleeting, misses the root causes, and often creates more health problems, especially long term. It is no wonder patients believe there is no hope of ever feeling good again.

2. Is the advice coming from a recognized expert in the field?

Dr. Murphree is the author of three critically acclaimed books on fibromyalgia, including Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, now in its 5th edition. He’s been treating fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalopathy for almost two decades. The doctors in the Functional Fibro Doctors network have helped thousands of patients feel good again. Doctors in the Functional Fibro Doctors Network have undergone rigorous, special training, to become the fibromyalgia expert in their community.

3. After following the advice you’re getting about how to treat your fibromyalgia, are you healthier? Do you really believe you are getting well? Or are you hanging on just living day to day, no energy, no joy, and no hope?

Are you overcoming your pain, fatigue, poor sleep, low moods, mental fog, and digestive problems? Our doctors are successful. We help patients get healthy, stay healthy and feel good again.

You’re not sure FMS and CFS/ME can be beat. I understand.

Doctors in the Functional Fibro Doctors Network are trained in the same protocols that Dr. Murphree has used to help thousands of patients over the last 14 years.  So we can say with confidence, welcome to a new chapter in your life:

Your illness is not all in your head. You’re not lazy, crazy, or depressed. (Well, you might be depressed, but if so, it’s because of your pain, not the cause of it).

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This is concerning my sister, Eva Blakeley, she was diagnosed over a year ago withFibormyloiga. I thank God every day for sending Dr. Murphree to our city. He was a Godsend. Eva was very doubtful, but she bought the jump start package. Now you have to understand, my sister was in pretty bad shape. She was down for days, no sleep, in so much pain. But after the first day on the jump start pack, I had my sister back, she was ready to die she hurt so bad, now it’s been almost 2 weeks and she is stronger every day. I truly thank GodAnd Dr. Murphree. She is telling everyone she sees about this wonderful miracle. Thank you again.Pam Harper, Bossier City, LA.

Today is a great day in my life! I feel like a new man most of the time, and I owe it all to Dr. Murphree and his therapy. I really feel that I am on my way to a full recovery. I now remember more, the pain is much better. There were times that I felt completely disconnected from each part of my body. I could not remember anything from one minute to the next. Today my blood pressure is down, my pain is under control. And I thank God for Dr. Murphree. I could write my own book about what Dr. Murphree has done for me. I am very grateful that I found him.Eddie Cross, Boligee, AL.

I started seeing doctors in 1995 and finally in 1997 received a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, and then in 2002 I received a diagnosis of CFS. Since 1997 I have been on lots of medication that ran me about $600.00 per month. With my illness I have been in pain all over my body, IBS and severe insomnia due to the pain. In August of 2002 I was placed on disability. I had read lots of books on the subject but it wasn’t until I read Dr. Murphree’s book that I realized that I could be treated with supplements that were not harmful to my body and weren’t as costly. In early 2003, I made an appointment to see Dr. Murphree and since that time my lifestyle has improved greatly. I have been able to come off all medications and with taking his FIB/CFS packages and 5HTP for sleep I am now back to going to gym and yoga classes. After following his procedures in the book regarding my diet I no longer have any abdominal pain and I have lost over 10 lbs, and see daily that I continue to improve. His program and book has greatly improved my lifestyle. I tell others to get his book, make an appointment to see him and he will change their lifestyle like he has done mine.Sharon Wilson